Two by Two: A Book Review

IMG_20170316_155529Let me start off by saying that where I read (the majority of) this book had everything to do with how much I liked it.  I don’t have to explain why, just look at the pictures.  I began the story when I was in a copacetic state of mind.  Once I came home from vacation, it took me a lot longer to finish the pages.



Reality hit.  I had to come to terms with that fact that I didn’t actually live on an island in Honduras.  Therefore, it slowed my reading down.  However, as of last night, I am DONE with Nicholas Sparks’ Two By Two. 

Book reviews are tricky.  I have to be careful not to give away too much information.  The story is about single dad, Russell Green, and his struggles with raising a daughter in the wake of separation and lost love. (Keep in mind, this is Nicholas Sparks we’re talking about, so you know there’s new love, too). They tell you that on the inside flap, so no spoilers there.

Needless to say, this book hit close to home.  For that reason, I found it very easy to relate to the characters.  There was a chunk in the middle that had me all bored, but I was a fan of the ending.  Some parts are emotional. Ladies, make sure to have tissues handy.  Or maybe an old sock you can’t find the match to.  Wait… am I the only one who has done that?  Forget I said anything. 

Moving along.

Two By Two is a great summer read.  It’s fairly predictable. You won’t find many twists and turns throughout it’s plot. I wouldn’t drop it in the same category with James Patterson’s thrillers but rather a smooth, safe and easy read.

It’s not imperative that you rush out to by a copy TODAY, but when you have extra time on your hands, it’s definitely one to pick up. 

Does everyone have fun plans this weekend? We have another weekend full of birthday parties and ballgames – there seems to be a pattern here!  We are celebrating Preston’s birthday tonight.  Our fun and feisty SIX year old! Where does the time go?

Sunday we’ll be traveling to the Great Smokey Mountains for the week with a car load of crazy children!  Stay tuned for pictures galore…





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