Attention Christian Parents: Stop It! (Plus, A Mini Beauty & the Beast Review)

*I normally do not post on Saturdays, but this is a post I definitely wanted to publish. Next week’s line up is all about our Spring Break adventures, so I needed to throw this one out there before it is too outdated* 

IMG_20170331_151245This ‘rant’ stems from all the (hundreds) of articles I’ve seen circulating through social media about the movie, Beauty and the Beast. You guys know that I try not to rant. I really do. I want my tiny spot in cyber space to be happy, that is, when I’m not whining and complaining about parenthood. 

I was going to make a short list of all the things I feel the Christian community should stop doing. I decided that since I was talking about Beauty and the Beast, I would only refer to this one thing. You can thank me later. 

Stop looking for reasons to be mad at the homosexual community. Oh. Em. Gee. If you could see my eyes right now, you’d see that they are rolled almost completely in the back of my head (hmmm… maybe that’s where the boys get it from). For the love. We get it. Really, we do. Everyone on planet Earth knows your stance on the topic. To quote the beloved song from the movie Frozen, LET IT GO! Because, at this point, you’re just coming across as a hater. And nobody likes a hater. If you go to see the Beauty & the Beast movie (and you should) PUH-lease do not waste your time looking for the “gay scene.” You won’t find it. Once again, the Starbucks-Christmas-Cup-Haters have cried wolf.  I, for one, am shocked.  Okay, not really. 

I am SO SICK OF ALL THE CONTROVERSY. And not just with this movie, but with everything! It seems like every time I turn around, there’s a boycott or complaint of some kind. And they are almost – no, they are always – STUPID.  So just stop it, M’kay? 


IMG_20170331_151321Now, shall we move on to more important things? Like, HOW GOOD THIS MOVIE WAS?! I still can’t get over it.  I’m pretty sure I smiled (and sang) through the entire thing. I knew I would have fun b/c of the crew I was with <insert the shout out to my people here> but I did not expect to be so pleased with the movie. It’s hard to improve on perfection, and let’s face it, the original, animated Beauty and the Beast is perfection.

With that said, I think I liked this one even more! It was mesmerizing and had me in a Disney-like trance till the credits rolled.










Now that you’ve made plans to go – because surely you’ve made plans to go – be sure to let me know what you think! You will not be disappointed.

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  1. […] If I review a movie, it is always one of two things – I either really enjoyed it or I really hated it.  I don’t waste time or (especially) money going to the theatre unless it’s something I really want to see.  And there’s nothing worse than missing a car payment to pay for a movie that doesn’t live up to it’s hype.  Actually there are a lot of things worse, but I’m trying to be dramatic here, so humor me.  (If you missed my Beauty & the Beast review, you can read it here). […]


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