In the Blink of an Eye




IMG_0032I bought the iPhone 7 Plus this weekend.  I’ve always had a Samsung phone and, honestly, the only reason I switched was for the camera.  Which, by the way, is amazing!  I have SO MUCH to learn though. I’ve not even brushed the surface of everything it has to offer, but I was pleased with how these first few pictures turned out.  I can’t wait to really learn how to use it.

My family gives me a hard time for constantly taking pictures.  Especially the boys – LOL – they get tired of being my subjects.  Too bad for them!

A friend of mine from church lost his wife Sunday afternoon.  It was very sudden and unexpected.  I’m thankful now, more than ever, for the opportunity to capture these moments we’re living in.  They are rare, and fleeting and precious. 

Make sure to hug those closest to you today and tell them you love ’em.  Because life can change In the Blink of an Eye and we may not have tomorrow.

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