Travel Diaries: Cozumel, Mexico

I typically do not post two Travel Diaries posts in one week, but my Cozumel write up has been sitting in my Drafts folder way too long.  So, here ya go…

20170306_110735I don’t feel like I have to write a whole lot about this island. I’ve expressed my undying love on more than one occasion. I know it’s been a couple of months since our trip, but I still wanted to post about this day because it was magical.

When we arrived, it was pouring down rain. Did I say pouring?!  While we did experience intermittent drops, the buckets of rain didn’t last. (At least where we were – we later talked with friends who didn’t enjoy anything b/c it rained on them the whole time). Thankfully, we lucked out. Or maybe we just ran faster.  Either way.

Our first stop was Punta Sur, aka Paradise.









20170306_110238Scroll back up really quick and check out that view one more time. Are you even kidding me?! No need to wonder this spot made my Favorites list. Cozumel has to be one of the prettiest places on the globe.




20170306_105410I had been to the top of the lighthouse, so a few of us stayed on the ground and admired the ocean a little longer. It’s definitely NOT a swimming spot, it’s very, very rocky and the currents are strong. Having said that, if you wear the right kind of shoes (I had on Teva sandals which were great b/c of the traction on the bottom) you can stand/walk on the rocks along the beach. (If you live in the Upstate, you can find an awesome collection of Teva sandals at Sunrift Adventures in Travelers Rest).

And the beach. Have  you ever seen sand so white? If anyone’s wondering what Heaven will look like, I feel sure it’s something like Punta Sur.  At least my (very) little corner will – I’m a bit too ratchet to have a mansion. 

You guys have seen these photos of the restaurant, but I won’t cry over sharing them again.



20170306_131623All of us enjoyed the food and the CUH-razy fellowship. The wait staff LOVES to interact with their guests. It gets a little interesting, to say the least. I’ll just leave it at that.

After lunch, we drove a little further to another public beach and stayed put for the rest of the day.








20170306_142259Other than being windy, the weather was just right. It was overcast, so we weren’t too hot.  Unlike the beach in Costa Maya, we had to either pay $10 or buy food/drinks to use the facilities. Most of us spent that on bottled water so it wasn’t a big deal.  $10 isn’t a big deal anyway – have  you taken your kids to a water park lately? You pretty much have to take out a bank loan to pay for tickets. 

If you’re thinking of booking a cruise, please make sure to add Cozumel to your itinerary. (I’ve just written an article for a Greenville website on the 5 Reasons Why You Should Cruise. I’ll send you guys the link when it’s published).


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