Memorial Day Weekend

IMG_2121We had such a nice weekend.  I made no plans and even though I have several deadlines this week, I didn’t work at all.  Man, it was great.

Did you guys do anything special for Memorial Day?  My family and I attended the celebration (I guess I shouldn’t call it a celebration) in downtown Greenville.



IMG_2128Despite the intense heat, the morning was enjoyable and 100% humbling.

IMG_2129 I love my dad and am so proud of his service to our Country.

I get SO much wrong in this parenting gig, but these boys will grow up with a respect towards the military and an understanding of the price that was paid for their freedom. 

IMG_2127This precious lady lost her son in Vietnam and, as it turns out, dad was really good friends with her son.  This moment made me cry.

I know Memorial weekend is not about beach trips, swimming pools and cook outs, but our little tribe certainly had fun spending time outdoors and by the pool the past few days.

I am very grateful for the sacrifice of the countless men and women who lost their lives fighting for mine and I DO NOT take my freedom for granted just because I enjoy the day.

Sorry… I felt like I needed to say that in response to all the Facebook memes floating around that try to shame you into feeling guilty for vacationing or having fun on Memorial Day. 






IMG_2070They loved playing with Judah too!





Today is our last full day of school, ya’ll!! Three cheers for SUMMER!!

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