Misc. Photos + A Bunch of Rambling Words

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends! I am leaving for Haiti this weekend so I’ve been crazy busy this week getting everything ready. I don’t have a post prepared for you today, but I did clean a ton of photos off my phone. I thought I would dump them here – you don’t mind, right?! I have plenty to share, so let’s jump right in… (these are in no particular order and most are not ‘professional’ quality)

Some friends of ours called the other day and asked us if we wanted to meet for lunch. Lunch turned into an impromptu road trip to North Carolina. It was 5 billion degrees and sweat was rolling down my back (as well as other places) but we enjoyed the company, ate good food and the pictures turned out well, so I was happy. 






I can’t remember what day it was last week, but one morning we packed up the van and headed to the lake to spend the day at the pool. I know what you’re thinking… why drive 45 minutes away when we have a pool in the back yard? Well, two reasons, 1) the scenery is BEAUTIFUL and 2) sometimes you just need a change. We didn’t get on the lake this trip, but the kids had a blast on land. 











On a more solemn note, a dear friend passed away last week. It was my mom’s best friend’s (my 2nd mom) mom. She lived an amazing 93 years and while her body and spirit were both ready for Heaven, it’s never an easy thing for a family to process. The funeral was Saturday and despite the heat, Preston insisted on wearing his “funeral” suit.



Mom, JP and I stayed a night in Atlanta so I could get my passport renewed. JP LOVED downtown Atlanta (we’re going to visit again in a few weeks) and was excited to find an establishment named after him – LOL. 


Last, but not least, I mentioned I am leaving for Haiti this weekend. Listen, I am ill-prepared in more ways than one. I still have SO much to do and we are meeting to pack up the vehicle TONIGHT! <insert all the anxious emojis> 


I will be gone for a week and will not be posting while there. I will have a post published (and hopefully some pictures from the trip) on Monday the 31st. We’ll be at the beach for a few days that week, so I may or may not still be breathing. But, hey, life’s an adventure and you only do it once, right?!

I hope all of you have an AMAZING week and I will “see” you soon!






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