Restaurant Week|Halls Chophouse GVL


Our first stop during Restaurant Week was Halls Chophouse and, boy, it did not disappoint!

IMG_4682The view set the tone for the entire evening. You can’t hear the acoustic guitar playing in the background but, trust me, it was calming and fit the mood. (Not pictured, the offensively orange construction truck below the window). 



IMG_4736Here is the feature menu for this week. Please note, the steak alone would normally be the price of this entire meal – although, if you ask me, it’s worth a lot more than $40 – it literally melts in your mouth. Now is the time to order the 8 oz Filet!




IMG_4699*Steak knife not required*

IMG_4697As for me, I ordered the salmon. Insert multiple praise hands emojis. It was DEE-li-cious. Oh, and by the way, that’s butter rolling off the top and onto the plate.




IMG_4702Who gets excited about greens? Umm… NOBODY! But I can assure you, kiddos all over the world would skip to the table and eat veggies if they tasted like these! I’m not kidding. I’m also not telling you to take your kids to dinner with you – this needs to be a date night. 

IMG_4705Next up, cream corn. Move over, granny, Chef Samuel Dominguez is here to give you a run for your money! We give him two thumbs up – because we only have two thumbs. 


IMG_4710We closed out the meal with these Key Lime Tarts. They pretty much equaled Heaven. I’m sure you were supposed to use utensils for these beauties. Unfortunately for those around us, we picked them up with our fingers and popped ’em in our mouths.  Guess what? #sorrynotsorry  They were so good. If I’m not mistaken, the dessert changes each night, so these may not be on the menu.  You’ll just have to go back and order them another time. 

Let me back up a minute. I got a little excited about the steak and jumped right in to the main course. Prior to the main course, there was a fluffy green salad and soft, warm sour dough bread (that was surely homemade).



I hope you guys enjoy Restaurant Week at Halls as much as we did. Don’t forget that reservations are encouraged, call 864-335-4200 and snag a table, FAST! These features end August 20th.

Really quick, before I let you go, Halls has so much more to offer than buttery salmon and slap-your-granny greens. They now have outdoor seating overlooking the Reedy River.



The inside of the restaurant is much larger than I thought. Thank you, Jennifer, for giving us the tour.




IMG_4725They also have several rooms available for private parties. I didn’t get pics of those rooms. The private parties probably wouldn’t have appreciated that!



  1. We went friday evening and my husband got the filet. I got something completely off the restaurant week menu and it was amazing. His dessert that night was this brownie and peanut butter mousse swirl thingy and it was amazing. So glad we went there!


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