The Nix by Nathan Hill

I love to read a good book. Don’t you? Being off on Mondays and Fridays allows me the opportunity to blog/write around town.

IMG_5086And you know I love spending time in my town!

IMG_5099I’m teaming up with Greenville360 and M. Judson Booksellers & Storytellers on a fun new project and we are hoping to get the WHOLE community in on it! I won’t give all the details in this post, but stay tuned…

IMG_5083Part of the project involves me reading this book. Yes, you read that right. My job is to READ. A. BOOK. Seriously, somebody pinch me, ’cause this is a dream job!


IMG_5087So yesterday mom and I spent the majority of our time downtown reading. The weather was PERFECT. Upper 70’s… in South Carolina…in August. Can you believe it?! Color me fall because I’m ready for cooler weather!


IMG_5096A secondary goal of ours is always people-watching. However, the wind was blowing SO stinkin’ hard, we moved our “office” from Main Street to the Courtyard at the Marriott Hotel.


IMG_5091We found a new little tea/coffee/lunch spot called Joel’s Java, tucked inside the Westin Poinsett.


IMG_5107You guys know my “java” comes in the form of (very) sweet tea.


Thankfully the book pulled me in from the very beginning. In other words, Mondays and Fridays are looking really good this month!

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