Millie the Mouse

Happy Labor Day!

This weekend was very relaxing. I couldn’t have ordered better weather for Saturday. We spent the majority of the day downtown.


IMG_5254We stopped in Mast General Store Greenville to pick up Millie, one of the characters from Mice on Main. 


IMG_5210She’ll be hangin’ with us for the next couple of weeks and I thought it would be fun to post a few of our adventures. (JP and Preston are really into this, so do me a favor and don’t tell them she’s not real!) Seriously though, how cute is she? I suppose I’m having a  little fun too!


IMG_5243We hopped on the Trolley to check out the new route (I’m gonna leave out the part where we only rode one block b/c the windows were up and it was SO hot). Anyway, Preston read the Mice on Main story book the whole time. If you don’t have a copy, make sure to pick one up at Mast Store. IMG_5236





IMG_5229I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. I plan to enjoy the sunshine and cooler weather!

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