Restaurant Review|Shortfields in TR

If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time,  you know that I have not written a negative review on a restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had less-than-ideal experiences but, rather than burn a bridge, I typically just keep my mouth shut (after I’ve eaten, of course) and carry on.

I’m not sure why I’ve decided to write out my thoughts on this experience, but just roll with it.

shortfields in tr

First, let me say that the food at Shortfields in Travelers Rest is REALLY good. I’ve been 4 or 5 times and, while I’ve had poor service every single time, I’ve not found a menu item that wasn’t great. Unfortunately, if the service is bad, it doesn’t really matter how much I enjoy the food. A delicious menu can be found on (just about) every corner in Greenville and Travelers Rest. 

Let me back up…

A few days ago, I was working in my favorite small town of Travelers Rest. When I was done with all of my pictures, I stopped in Shortfields because their Shrimp & Grits is amazing. As usual, we were met with a (somewhat) half smile and a “How many?” We sat on the patio, which is always nice, and the waitress brought us drinks and took our order. Once our food arrived, the waitress asked if we needed anything. Once we responded “No,” she was out the door, so to speak.


That’s right. We waited, and waited, and waited and… She never came back. We finally got up and walked to the hostess’ station to ask for our bill so we could pay. Oh, how I wanted to walk off the patio without paying, but whatever.

We didn’t say anything to the hostess – she went to get the manager to “take care of this.”  “Take care of what,” I thought to myself, ’cause the guy JUST. STOOD. THERE. Seriously. He didn’t even speak to us. After what felt like an eternity, our M.I.A waitress flies up to the front with our bill.

And that was it.

No “I’m so sorry.” No “I fell in the toilet and was air-drying my pants.” No “my kid’s school called.” No “I was taking a smoke break and completely forgot about you.”  NOTHING. Crickets.

So we paid and left. For the first time in my entire life I didn’t leave a tip. As a server, all you pretty much have to do is re-fill my drink (at least once) and check on me (at least) once or twice and you’re getting (at least) a 20% tip. I am the lowest maintenance person on planet Earth.

And contrary to what this might sound like, I wasn’t expecting a free meal. I have no problem paying for what I eat. But would it have KILLED them to acknowledge us or offer an apology?


The moral of this rant is, Shortfields in TR has great food, but the service IS REPULSIVE so we won’t be supporting them anymore. Travelers Rest is FULL of places that are eager to serve up a memorable experience.

Shortfields just isn’t one of them.











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