swamp rabbit inn|travelers rest



IMG_0362Happy Friday, friends! I am super excited about this weekend (well, I’m super excited about every weekend, but especially this one).  I’ve packed a bag and my laptop and I’m checking into the Swamp Rabbit Inn in Travelers Rest for the next couple of days.

IMG_0551Even if you drive into the downtown TR often, you may have still missed this hidden oasis. At least I did. More than once. It is literally tucked behind two massive trees. I guess that’s what I love most – it’s right in the middle of everything but secluded at the same time.



IMG_9975Granted, I won’t be on my bicycle, but you can definitely find me wandering the small town streets through Sunday. I’m working on a Weekend in Travelers Rest post for Travelers Rest Here and have an itinerary of really fun stuff planned!

Plan to follow our journey on Instagram over at @travelersresthere. 

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