Swamp Rabbits Hockey Game w/ VisitGreenvilleSC

IMG_1306Tuesday night we went to our first ever hockey game. And by “we,” I mean all six of us (ages 6 to 69). We are basically a dysfunctional version of the Griswold family, so let’s not talk about the van ride over.  There are not enough eye-roll emojis in the world. Once we got there it was ALL GOOD!

IMG_1299Preston carried around his hockey stick for a week in preparation for this night. And although JP looks like he needs to find a bathroom, I promise he was excited too!





IMG_1304We’ve yet to find an activity/event in town that our entire family can enjoy together. Swamp Rabbit hockey is now on our “Things to Do” list.



IMG_1314The kids were lucky enough (thanks Swamp Rabbits!to hang out behind the scenes a little before the game.


IMG_1317JP even enjoyed watching them practice.


IMG_1320They waited so patiently for the team to take the ice.


IMG_1318We hung around backstage long enough for the boys to get high fives from the team on their way out of the tunnel. (I don’t have pics of that b/c I was taking video). 



IMG_1310Another thing that impressed me was the food. They offer some really great deals, ya’ll! Unlike the movie theatre, you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to eat at The Well. Kids’ meals are $5 EVERY GAME (hot dog, chips and a soda). Be sure to check their website for the Hoppy Hour specials.

IMG_1333Let me assure you, you do not have to know anything about hockey to have a great time. If you ask Preston, the music was worth the price of admission. At one point, I thought I was at a dance party. Move over Stella, ’cause this six year old got his GROOVE on!

IMG_1346Thank you, VisitGreenvilleSC  for another awesome experience we won’t soon forget!

C/O VisitGreenvilleSC 

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