Happiness Comes in Waves

IMG_1788We had a great weekend. Jam-packed, but great. Friday, we rolled (and I stress the word ‘rolled’ b/c I did NOT want to move) out of bed at 5:00am, threw our bags in the car and headed to Pawleys Island for part of the day.

IMG_1792Yeah, I know. The kids should have been in school, but Preston would rather lounge in a hammock so…


IMG_1797The salt air slapped me in the face the minute I stepped out of the car. Immediately, I felt one hundred pounds lighter. We grabbed a pizza, ate (really fast) with our friends before heading to the beach.


IMG_1801The ocean almost looks fake in this picture. The wind was blowing about one thousand miles per hour this day, but once we stepped onto the sand, it was SO still and everything was quiet. We had the beach all to ourselves. Literally, it was heaven for me. 



IMG_1809“I’m king of the world,” he says.



IMG_1817Preston loves searching for sea life. It was especially fun this time b/c the tide was SO low, he got to hang out on the rocks that are typically under water.

IMG_1815 IMG_1834




IMG_1829I had to be in Charleston later in the afternoon, but it was so nice to BE STILL for a while in one of our most favorite places.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I’ll be publishing additional posts this week because I have so much content to share with you guys from our trip.

Stay tuned…


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