mas tacos de granja, por favor (more Farmhouse Tacos, please)

IMG_0382I love tacos.  Not the hard kind, but the soft ones. I love chips, salsa, guacamole (I really, really love guacamole), and pretty much everything that has anything to do with Mexican food. You can imagine my delight when I discovered Farmhouse Tacos in Travelers Rest!


IMG_1050Right off the bat I’m happy because one of the appetizer options is a trio of dipping sauces. The queso might be the best I’ve ever eaten.

IMG_1051And then there’s this. It’s pimento cheese. That’s right. I’d never had pimento cheese with tortilla chips either, but it deserves a standing ovation. The guacamole shouldn’t be discounted. It was better than good, I just couldn’t seem to keep my hand out of the pimento and queso.




IMG_1055The tacos were delicious. Between the four of us, we tried several different kinds. My favorite was probably the BBQ chicken (that is, until I went back this past week and ordered the Fried Chicken one w/ cole slaw). 

More than the taste, I was so impressed with the presentation. I mean, one of the meals was delivered in a mini skillet. I’m sorry, it just doesn’t get any cuter than that.

After we stuffed our faces, our server offered us dessert. “OMG! I don’t think so. I couldn’t possibly eat another bite,” I thought to myself. What actually came out of my mouth was, “Sure! What do you recommend?”  The Key Lime Pie sounded too good to pass up, but the S’Mores for Four involved chocolate and fire, so…

IMG_1058We had no choice but to order both. The pictures do not do them justice, trust me. The tang of the pie was perfection and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. However, to turn down the S’mores for Four experience (because it is an experience) would be downright sinful.

IMG_1060Remember that presentation thing we talked about? Well, this takes the cake. Not only were the crackers, chocolate and marshmallows delivered on a tree trunk, but it had its own mini camp fire!!

IMG_1061You can read more about our visit to Farmhouse Tacos as well as the rest of our Weekend in Travelers Rest soon over at Travelers Rest Here.

Until then, go ahead and give them a try. If you go on a nice day, they have a really cool patio outside. That’s where you’ll find me during my next trip.

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