Virginia’s on King

IMG_1852Who’s heard of Virginia’s on King? We travel to Charleston a good bit and I’m wondering how I missed this place.


IMG_1849This is what “dressed up” looks like for these two goofballs. And by ‘goofballs,’ I mean, aren’t they handsome?!



IMG_1865I don’t mind telling you, I was a little nervous after looking over their website. I know it says ‘family-friendly’ but it looked REALLY nice. Our boys are well behaved, but I don’t make a habit of carrying them to white table cloth establishments.

I was delightfully surprised when we walked through the doors. Not only were there NO white table cloths, but the walls were brick. I would describe the atmosphere as rustic classy (sounds good, right? I just made that up!)

IMG_1858Thank you to whoever called ahead and told them that the way to my heart was through sweet cornbread. I appreciate you.

IMG_1861We ordered Fried Green Tomatoes as an appetizer. So good!


IMG_1860Chef Chris Hames sent a special creation to the table. Rice, shrimp and a colorful array of vegetables under a blanket of sauce. I didn’t even want to touch it, it was such a beautiful work of art. Thankfully I did, because it was fabulous.


IMG_1871JP doesn’t crawl out of his comfort zone when it comes to food. I was SO happy to find a PB&J on the kids’ menu. Don’t let the picture fool you, this wasn’t your typical PB&J. Homemade jelly on sourdough bread is my JAM. This “dish” turned the heads of the adults at the table too.

IMG_1869Preston ordered the drumsticks off the kids’ menu. In his words, “this place is the bomb!” 

IMG_1866The low country did not disappoint. The Shrimp & Grits were phenomenal.

IMG_1870My sister ordered Chicken & Dumplings. I can’t tell you what she thought… she quit talking once the entree arrived. She licked the bottom of the bowl, though, if that tells you anything.

We had ZERO room for dessert so, naturally, we ordered the Banana Pudding.

IMG_1872 I’m glad my grandmother isn’t reading this because this might be the best I’ve had.

In case you can’t tell, Virginia’s on King was a BIG hit with our crew. I’ve written more over at Kidding Around Greenville…stay tuned for that article!

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