preston turned 7











IMG_2856Preston is officially 7 years old!! We kept things really small this year (can I get an ‘amen’ from all the parents out there who are tired of stressing out over birthday bashes at Chuck E. Cheese).

His dad came over and we had cake, ice cream and he opened a few gifts. His favorite gift was a fireman’s suit.






IMG_2882He may never take it off!

Without going into a lot of detail, JP hasn’t been feeling well this week. We spent Monday in the hospital ER with him. He came home the same day and has been out of school all week. He seems to be feeling better (thank God) but we go back to the doctor for a follow-up on Monday.

Today is our last day of school. Three cheers for Spring Break 2018! I typically don’t work Fridays, but I came in this morning for a few hours to make up missed time from this week.

I hope the weather is nice next week. We are heading to the Riverbank Zoo on Tuesday – Preston’s never been and we’re excited for him to get to experience it! If you’ve not been, it’s a really great zoo. We’ll be home Wednesday before leaving early Thursday morning for the beach.

Stay tuned next week for fun pictures of our adventures!


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