a few photos + sunday unplug day

Happy Monday, friends! I want to let you know that I have absolutely nothing of importance to share with you today. I hope you’re okay with that. Rather than NOT post (b/c that’s not an option – you should always write, right?) I thought I’d post a few pictures I took this weekend.


IMG_2746I’ve developed a slight obsession with photographing trees. Something about the way the branches present themselves against the sky.

IMG_2749I’ve started a new THING. I’m calling it “Sunday Unplug Day.” Since social media has become more of a job for me, I’ve decided to set aside one day a week to completely unplug. I think Sunday’s the best day for that. It’s been nice, so far. The day is filled with church, family, friends, good food and (if I’m lucky) a nap!

IMG_2742Saturday night, our church had it’s annual Especially Ladies Dinner Theatre. Everyone (who wants to) signs up to decorate a table. You’re responsible for coming up with a theme and filling the table with guests. The men of the church serve – which is comical for obvious reasons – and everyone has a great time of fellowship.

Our table was a Guatemala theme this year.

IMG_2743This is a picture of JP and his nanny, Gloria, from the children’s home in Guatemala. We printed off pictures and sat them in the middle of the table.

Everyone does such a tremendous job of planning/decorating. It’s an event we look forward to each year.

IMG_2731In other news,  LTO Burger Bar  is currently holding our number one spot for best Banana Pudding in town. If you guys know of another place we should try, PLEASE let me know!

I also wanted to share the following pictures of the boys. It was one of those (few) days when the kids played outside in harmony. That’s always something to keep a record of!




IMG_2675Okay, that’s about it for today. Sorry for the late post. It’s taken me until now (4pm) to get myself together. I swear, maybe it’s the weather, but I’ve just not been at my best the past week.

I’ve got to pull myself together soon because, beginning next week, life is going to get pretty busy. Make sure to stay tuned here and over at Instagram Stories (@acbeam) to keep up with the fun things we have planned!

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