pizza outside in the yard|we’re ready for spring!


IMG_2417One day last week, we came home and had Little Caesars pizza in the yard. Why? Simple. Because the weather was gorgeous. Sunny, 70 and we want that back!






IMG_2416I’m not saying you have to eat outside, but on days like this, it definitely feels wrong not to take advantage.



IMG_2410Clearly we’re just a little excited about spring!

I’m telling you, this weather is going to be the death of me. Our entire house is snottin’ and coughin’ and pretty miserable. I’m very thankful the weekend is here. I’m meeting JP’s dad to drop him off this afternoon and then I have a relaxing evening planned with friends. Nothing major, which is just the way I like it. April is going to be another heavy travel month, so I am enjoying these moments at home.


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