happy hour

IMG_2420Before everyone freaks out and someone sends Child Protective Services to confiscate my Parent of the Year trophy, the Happy Hour JP’s shirt is referring to is a sunset.

IMG_2457Don’t we all agree that a beautiful sunset is a Happy Hour? My mom was the worst one. “Andrea! I can’t believe you would buy JP a shirt that says that!” I can’t exactly spell out my response to her, but picture a really ugly, crinkled up facial expression. In other words, you’re kidding me, right?! 


IMG_2442Let me remind you guys that I AM NOT A FAN OF CATS. Ever. However, since JP was a baby, he has been drawn to them. He even sleeps with a stuffed cat. I am 100% positive Cat (that’s his name) will follow him to college. 


IMG_2453Don’t worry, we have not bought the kids a cat. Jingles is a stray. Our neighbor has started feeding her (or him, I’m not sure). JP plays with her each day after school.

IMG_2433I guess you could say it’s his Happy Hour.



IMG_2462I hope you take time out of your afternoon to experience a sunset. It truly will make you happy.

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