A Few Pictures from USC + Misc. Stuff

IMG_3837A few weekends ago, I drove to Columbia to spend time with my girls, Pam and Bailey. I realize I need to do a better job with my back stories, for those of you who’ve just recently started reading my blog.

When I was nineteen years old, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Honestly, are things really THAT different today? Anyway. I went to North Greenville University right out of high school, but didn’t finish until much later in life (like, a lot later). During those years when I was trying to “find myself,” I was nanny to my beautiful Bailey. Fast forward ** years and Miss Bae is entering her senior year at the University of South Carolina (GO GAMECOCKS!).


IMG_3846Where in the world did the time go? It really does fly, people, I suggest you make the most of every single moment.


IMG_3851The weather was perfect this particular weekend. Pam is Bailey’s mom (aka one of my bestest friends). We spent the afternoon walking around campus with Fitz, Bailey’s pride and joy, while waiting on her to get off work so we could go to dinner.


IMG_3845Are you kidding me?!

He’s cute and all, but let’s talk about dinner.

IMG_3839Yes, you read that right. Since changing my diet a few weeks ago, (no I do not eat all the food you see on my social media feeds), I have been CRAVING red meat. #sorrynotsorry

IMG_3840The steak at California Dreaming was dreamy! Anyone else out there really love California Dreaming?! Three cheers for the dinner salad. And a BIG FAT pat on the back for me NOT EVEN TOUCHING the buttery croissant. If that doesn’t get me into heaven, nothing will.

I always have such a wonderful time with my girls. I foresee lots of Columbia trips next school year.

Before I let ya go, I wanted to share a few quotes I recently found that speak to my soul…



PSA: Nothing is worth your peace.

IMG_4191Drum roll, please. Let me introduce you to my new all-time favorite quote. Scroll back up and read it one more time. I’ll wait…

We’ve ALLLLLLLLL faced tough times. There’s a lot of (where’s the poop emoji when you need it) we can’t control. But moving forward and becoming the best version of ourselves is our responsibility. Feel free to steal this one and share it. I’m tempted to print an 8×10 as a daily reminder!

I hope you guys have a wonderful Thursday! I’m teaching five days this week due to state testing in the schools. I’ll definitely be ready for the weekend when it arrives. And guess what?! We have NO plans! Yippee!


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