Sparkle City Mini-Golf|Spartanburg, SC

Preston’s baseball game was cancelled Saturday so I made a plan for us to visit the Grand Opening of the Children’s Museum in Spartanburg.  We were all pretty excited. Admission was FREE for the day, which was an added bonus. The down-side? We didn’t actually make it to the museum.

I had NO idea there was so much to do between Greenville and Spartanburg!

IMG_4582This is my notebook that I carry around in my bag. Saturday morning, I made a list of places I found in and around Spartanburg that I wanted to check out.

What we found blew my mind and I can’t wait to share everything with you. Today, I am going to tell you about Sparkle City Mini Golf.

IMG_4587This nine hole course is located at 118 E. Broad Street, in the middle of downtown Spartanburg. 


IMG_4589If you leave the house without clubs or a ball, several businesses are ready to share with you. Be prepared to leave your ID as collateral. Preston borrowed his club and ball from Paisley Paw. I can’t wait to take JP back to this store – he would have been in heaven. They were so nice and maybe twenty steps from the course.


IMG_4591At first glance, I wasn’t that impressed. Sandwiched between two larger buildings, the area is not big at all. However, once we got to the first hole, I realized what it was all about. At this point I’m thinking, this is nothing short of genius. 

IMG_4593Hole number one was in the shape of our state with the South Carolina logo.


IMG_4601I’m not going to describe every single hole (you need to check it out for yourself) but they are so cute! Each one represents a specific part of town or business. In the picture above, you hit the ball through a diploma and it drops through the top of a graduation hat. The sign tells you how Spartanburg is home to seven colleges. I told you… CUTE.

IMG_4600Who hasn’t eaten at the Beacon Drive In?! If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? 


IMG_4618We definitely Love Where We Live.

IMG_4614Preston’s favorite part of the day might have been matching the club to his new (bright-as-the-sun) shoes!






IMG_4620There’s plenty of places to sit if you’re more of a spectator.


IMG_4623Oh, did I forget to mention that Sparkle City Mini Golf is FREE?! Yeah, we get pretty excited about that too! 

Whether alone, or with a group of friends, Sparkle City Mini Golf  is the perfect “fun spot.” It took us roughly forty five minutes to get there from Greenville. We were fortunate enough to find parking on the street, but I saw a big parking garage around the corner. Once you park, you’re good to go. Most everything is within walking distance.

If you guys go, be sure to let me know what you think! I’ll be sharing more from our time in Spartanburg later this week.


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