Five Forks Library + Mary’s Lunchbox

IMG_6410I’ve wanted to see the Five Forks Library for WEEKS! I’d seen posts on social media about how unbelievable it was. It was time for us to check it out for ourselves.


IMG_6414They have a TEEN Room, which JP thought was cool.



IMG_6433The room is filled with shelves of books, desks, tables and over-sized bean bag chairs.


IMG_6425The children’s area is H.U.G.E and full of all sorts of entertainment. My personal favorite was an enclosed outside patio off the back of the children’s room. If you have toddlers, this is your golden ticket.







IMG_6434This location was a welcomed change of scenery for our crew. You and your family would have no trouble spending an entire morning at the Five Forks Library. 

We aren’t very familiar with Simpsonville, so a quick Google search led us to Mary’s Lunchbox on Main Street for lunch.

IMG_6384We didn’t try any of the Daily Specials. I ordered grilled meatloaf on wheat bread and broccoli salad.

IMG_6408So, so yummy! (For those of you who are following my health ‘journey,’ I took the bread off one half and scraped off the mayo. I didn’t realize it came with mayo – I’m sure you could ask them to leave it off. The sandwich was great and the broccoli salad was 100% perfection. If I remember correctly, it had pecans as well as raisins.




IMG_6389Hello old school lunch boxes. Who remembers carrying one of these to school? I had a SMURFS one. All the decorations were vintage.

IMG_6409Mary’s Lunchbox does not have a lot of seating. It’s small but plenty cozy. Especially if you sit at the window. I’m not sure if they have wifi, but it would be the perfect work space. I’ll have to keep that in mind. 






IMG_6405Simpsonville has plenty to offer families. The next time we go, I want to stop by the ice cream station!

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