Technical Difficulties

Good morning! Well, it’s not really a good morning. I’m writing this from inside a hospital room in Greenville. That’s why I’m writing today – to tell you that I may be a little M.I.A this week.

Long story short, my mom left the beach last week not feeling too well. She was congested and having trouble breathing. We assumed (never assume) that she had bronchitis or pneumonia. The air quality was terrible so we thought it was best for her to get home to the doctor. She went to a local “doc in a box” who treated her for pneumonia with an antibiotic, but she didn’t get better.

We brought her to the ER and she was admitted and diagnosed with two types of heart failure and an enlarged left side of her heart.

Needless to say, we are caught off guard and upset. Falling off the grid is certainly expected, but I did bring my laptop with me this morning to try and work a little. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to upload photos. I’m SO SAD because I have some great sunset pics with the kids. I’ll continue to try, but just know the blog posts might be spotty this week.

Thanks for checking in and I hope your week is off to a better start!

* Also, a big shout out to those of you who have called, messaged, sent texts, etc to check on us! I know I say it all the time, but we have the best family and friends IN THE WORLD and couldn’t do life without you* 



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  1. Amy just called me. I’m so, so very sorry to hear about Faye. Reggie is coming to pick up Mimi today (she said sometime early, but I haven’t seen her yet). I’ve got to stay here until she comes. I wish I knew when that would be. It is almost funny (not really funny – perhaps strange) that Eddie was planning to come to your house to visit with his favorite male person since he is not able to play golf. (BTW, he was going to bring your Cubbie and Blanket with him – sorry it has taken so long.) When I told him about Faye, he was visibly upset. Please keep us posted.

    I’m so sorry that I couldn’t come to your rescue with jP this afternoon. Please let me know when I can do it again.

    Again I’m so sorry Faye (and the rest of you) are going through this. I pray for complete healing and mercy for those circling her with care and attention.

    Love to you.




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