Great Expectations + Alice in Wonderland

IMG_7871I always get so excited when I see a brown box on the porch from Gibbs Smith!

IMG_7867Clearly I’m not the only one. Deacon immediately fell in love with Great Expectations.

IMG_7849It didn’t matter that Deacon isn’t old enough to read, the pages are bright and colorful! Before I read to him, he was looking at the pictures and making up his own stories.




IMG_7857The pages are easy for little hands to turn and sturdy enough for little hands not to tear.

IMG_7859*Oreo cookie crumbs are not included in the price of the book*



IMG_7877He refused to open Alice in Wonderland because that would mean putting down the “Pip” story!

You guys already know I’m a big fan of the BabyLit series.  Great Expectations and Alice in Wonderland did not disappoint. You can order your copy HERE. 

Sorry for the late post guys. I STRUGGLED getting out of bed this morning. I am having the worst time turning off my brain at night and falling asleep. I think it was after 2am before I finally drifted off this morning. Hmm…maybe that’s when I should work?!

We have a pretty busy week planned. JP turns TWELVE YEARS OLD on Wednesday (I still can’t wrap my mind around that!) and I have a fun surprise for him Wednesday night!

Stay tuned…

Thank you to Gibbs Smith Publisher for sponsoring this post.





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