The Legend of Alice Flagg

IMG_9079Dorothea Benton Frank is one of my favorite southern authors. On the (rare) occasion that I get the chance to read for pleasure, you’ll most likely find her newest book in my hand. I used this quote on my Instagram page last week – it’s a favorite. And SO true!

One of the things I love most about Pawleys Island is its’ history. The area is full of stories and legends that every South Carolinian should be familiar with.

IMG_8866I am AMAZED at how many people have not heard of Alice Flagg. Even my closest friends had no idea who she was until we took them to visit a couple of weeks ago.

IMG_88481767, it’s unreal to me that the property is THAT old.



IMG_8862Alice Flagg was born into an upper class family in the early nineteenth century. Unfortunately, she fell in love with a man who was not “suitable” for her to marry. His social standing was not acceptable to her family.

IMG_8859Alice’s brother was a prominent doctor and extremely outspoken about his disapproval. Like most sisters, Alice completely ignored her big bro and eventually became “betrothed” to her secret love. Since we live in the 21st Century, let’s use the word engaged. 

She hid the engagement by wearing her ring on a necklace around her neck. Once her family found out about the relationship, she was sent to a boarding school. Alice eventually came down with Malaria and was brought home so her family could care for her. When the brother found the ring around her neck, he took it and threw it away. Sadly, Alice grew delirious with sickness (probably compounded by her broken heart) and spent her final days begging for the ring back.


IMG_8851Alice is buried in the Flagg family plot at All Saints Cemetery in Pawleys Island.

Here’s the Legend:

Begin at the right bottom corner of the grave and walk counterclockwise six times ending at the A in Alice. Repeat the steps clockwise. Place a small token (gift) on top of the stone and make a wish. (I’m not sure how hair ties, mini liquor bottles and Dum Dum suckers fit into the legend, but whatever). Some even say, if you’re wearing your engagement ring or wedding band, you’ll feel a slight tug on your ring finger. 

IMG_8860We visited in the pitch black dark, which you’re not supposed to do, and had the best time trying to summon her ghost. We may or may not have fled the graveyard screaming because someone in our party thought it would be funny to hide and scare the *#@^ out of us! 

Whether you believe in ghosts or would rather chalk Alice up to a sad love story, the grave is historical and something you should see when in the area. (Please note, there are several versions of the same story).

All Saints Church, 3560 Kings River Rd, Pawleys Island, SC 29585

Happy Labor Day! We’re in town (yay) and will probably hang by the pool most of the day. I hope you guys have a great day!


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