Sunrise on Pawleys Island

IMG_90846:15 came super early Tuesday morning. Truth be told, I hadn’t even intended to watch the sunrise. I was so tired. When my bladder woke me, (lovely, right?), I thought, “why not.” 

IMG_9093I’m glad I did. The beach was pretty much deserted. For twenty minutes (ish) I felt like I was all alone on a great big island. Just me and the sea. Heavenly.

IMG_9095And breathtaking.





IMG_9110Pictures just do not do this scene justice.

Who doesn’t love a good sunrise? I’m guilty of chasing sunsets but forgetting – or just being too lazy – to wake up in time to take advantage of the rise.

We are home and jumping back into the weekly routine, a few days late – I guess it’s almost the weekend now. Even though it’s Labor Day, we haven’t made any major plans. I’ve done a lot of driving the past two weeks so I’m pretty BEAT.

I’ve been practicing a lot with my new camera. Did I tell you guys that I got a new camera? Well, I did. It’s a Sony 6500 and I absolutely LOVE IT! I’ll be sharing some of those photos next week.

Happy Friday and have a WONDERFUL weekend!



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