Fishin’ for Minnows at Jones Gap

Preston finally got the fishing rod he’s been dreaming of! We’ve not taken him fishing just yet, but Saturday night we threw his minnow cage in the car and headed to our favorite river spot at Jones Gap State Park.


IMG_8918Of course he used this opportunity to pack his Osprey pack from Mast General Store, full of fishing gear!


IMG_8920We’re having fun “Exploring the 47” but can’t seem to wander too far from Jones Gap. If you live anywhere close to the area and love to hike or play in rivers (like we do) this is 100% the park for you. (Click here to purchase your Park Pass so you can Explore the 47 with us!)






IMG_8944Before heading home, we drove up to Caesars Head for the sunset. It was pretty cloudy, but the view is still on point.






I hope your week is off to a productive start. We drove down to Pawleys today (Monday) for the next few days. Stay tuned for more…

*Thank you to Mast General Stores and SC State Parks for partnering on this post*

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