Everyday Andrea|A Book Review

As promised, here is my opinion – for what it’s worth – about the much anticipated (at least in my circle) book, The Wife Between Us. 

IMG_8318I bought this book a while back at M. Judson, my favorite bookstore. MULTIPLE people told me how amazing it was. The fact that it took me almost three months to finish should tell you something.

The story and I got off to a great start.  It was easy to get into and I had a tough time putting it down. That is, until about a quarter of the way through when the first twist takes place.

I am ALWAYS up for a good twist. However, this one was confusing and left me completely baffled. So annoyed, I spent the following few chapters trying to figure out exactly what I was reading. Literally, I flipped back and forth questioning everything I thought I knew. I can’t tell you much without giving the story away. Basically, there is one man, an ex wife and a new woman. The perfect recipe for a disastrous triangle… just not the disastrous triangle you might expect. 

I really wanted to like this book! There were a couple of side stories that peeked my interest, but didn’t go anywhere.

The final twist came in the Epilogue and was so unexpected (and so good), the authors almost redeemed themselves.

At the end of the day, The Wife Between Us is not a book I would trip over my feet to buy.







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