Our (Really) Quick Trip to Washington, DC

IMG_0490Last week, JP and I were presented with an opportunity to visit Washington, D.C.

We were there LESS than forty eight hours!! I know. We are a little crazy, but it was worth every lost hour of sleep – and we lost quite a few! 


IMG_0501Obviously, we didn’t get to see everything, so we’ll definitely plan to go back. JP loved it. There’s so much more I want him to experience.




IMG_0520We attended a rally on the lawn of the Capitol. It was a great experience for JP. He had a lot of questions that led into a one-of-a-kind US History lesson.

IMG_0519Of course, I had to grab a photo of the Marine flag for dad.

IMG_0524After the rally, someone (in an attempt to protect the innocent, I’ll not share names) decided it would be a good idea to WALK to the White House. From the steps of the Capitol, it really doesn’t look that far. It seemed like a good idea.

Looks can be deceiving.


IMG_0537We literally almost died. JP said he felt like his feet were about to fall off and I was sweating bullets. Tennis shoes would have been more appropriate but, of course, I was wearing sandals.

We ended up grabbing a cab back to the capitol. I wasn’t mad about that.

IMG_0527We took a break at the Trump Hotel and gave thanks for the air conditioning.

IMG_0526The building was gorgeous.


IMG_0543The highlight of the day for JP was the Capitol tour and meeting Senator Lindsey Graham.


IMG_0555He was proud of his “official business” badge.



IMG_0558Graham sat down with us for about forty five minutes and we discussed, well, the current issue in Washington – and we’ll leave it at that. He was FIRED UP. He impressed me with how he interacted with JP.

IMG_0560Thanks to our friends (family), Jeff and Olga, for inviting us to tag along. We had an absolute BLAST!

I apologize for the late post. We are spending a few days at Pawleys and the only thing I’m not in love with is the internet connection.

Have a great Tuesday, ya’ll!

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