Science in the Sand|Pawleys Island, SC

IMG_0658JP and I decided we needed some island time, so we moved school to the sand for a few days this week. A day on the beach counts as Science, right?!



IMG_0673JP always enjoys searching for seashells and crabs. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any live crabs this trip, but there were broken pieces everywhere – maybe because of the storm?




DSC00816We spent the whole day walking, talking, laughing and looking for shells. It was great! If you’re a parent of a teenager or pre-teen, you understand what I’m talking about. JP rarely wants to talk with me. He spends (or tries to spend) most of his time in his own little world. That’s probably the biggest reason I was excited about the two of us getting away for a few days.

For whatever reason, JP spent the last few minutes on the beach ROLLING into the ocean over and over again. I have no idea why but, of course, I tried to capture it on camera because he was genuinely happy. And those are moments I want to savor.



DSC00850(Blurry, but SO CUTE!)

DSC00859We had a nice time away, but are excited to be back in Greenville.

I finished up a visit to Charlestown Landing and dropped by Hampton Plantation while we were gone.  I’ll share Hampton Plantation with you this week – it’s definitely on my list of favorite spots with SC State Parks. You can read about Charlestown Landing on one of the Greenville sites soon – I’ll share the link when it’s published.

Today I’m playing a bit of catch up with writing and work aka, pajamas all day. I hope you guys have a great Friday Eve!



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