Tagging Butterflies


IMG_1038We drove to Myrtle Beach State Park Nature Center for a Butterly Tagging class the other week.

DSC01104Ranger Ann began by sharing information about Monarch Butterflies. Our goal was to walk the flowered path along the beachfront, find Monarch butterflies, and tag them.

DSC01133Ranger Ann shared information about Monarch butterflies. Due to the high winds, she, unfortunately, did not expect to find any.


DSC01141Although we didn’t see Monarch Butterflies on this particular day, we successfully caught (and let go) several other kinds.

DSC01165(Assistant Ranger Hayley)

DSC01121Of course, my favorite part of the day was the amazing view. Looks like the perfect classroom to me!






DSC01171Thanks to Ranger Ann and Hayley for sharing such an educational experience. We can’t wait to come back!

Before the class, JP LOVED watching the corn snake slither around in his tank.

DSC01096If he could take this guy home, he would. (I don’t need to tell you, that’s not going to happen). 

DSC01100He was happy to take home one of the snake skins.

DSC01001Don’t forget to visit the SC State Park website to purchase your Park Passport.

You can’t put a price on adventure.

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