Explore the 47: Oconee State Park

IMG_1266Of all the parks we’ve been to, Oconee State Park probably surprised me the most. I’m not sure what I expected, but definitely NOT what we found. First of all, let’s be honest, who goes to Oconee County?! (If you’re reading this and you’re from OC, I apologize!) 

But seriously. I’m sure the town is lovely, but you’re not likely to find it in the pages of Travel & Leisure.

IMG_1241From the above photo, you can tell we visited right before Halloween. They decorated bales of hay throughout the park – so creative!



IMG_1250Into the Woods we go… to play corn hole, checkers and swing!

IMG_1280 IMG_1264JP was all smiles (shocker) on the hiking trail.


IMG_1255Cozy cabins are tucked in a quiet spot beside the lake.


IMG_1286That moment you realize there’s a putt putt course next to the park office…IMG_1282



IMG_1277Oconee State Park has set the bar pretty high! From Greenville, it’s roughly an hour and twenty five minute drive, but worth every penny you’ll spend on the gas to get there, I promise.

It’s always a good idea to check the park website before you go, especially this  close to the holidays. 


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