Veteran’s Day

DSC01690We spent Veteran’s Day at Fluor Field for the Upstate Salute. As always, Greenville did a wonderful job honoring our Veterans. JP even got to see Senator Lindsey Graham again! 




DSC01702This was my first time watching a jump team. It was definitely everyone’s favorite part. Well, almost. Dad and I loved the fly-over too.





DSC01700They had a station set up where you could write letters to an active solider. Preston wrote one, thanking him for his “servis.” It was too cute!

DSC01692These bracelets are handmade by wounded veterans. Dad bought one for all of us – they represent each branch of service as well as POWs and the Vietnam War. This was probably my favorite – there is a guy that works out our McDonalds that wears one. It caught my eye one day and I’ve always admired it. Please ignore the fact that I, apparently, am at McDonalds enough to know the bracelets on the arms of their employees. 



DSC01680(These two even walk the same)




DSC01717It was SO cold! I think we’ve had ONE week of Fall?!

DSC01711I think Charlie Daniels said it best…

I’m sorry for being a little MIA. I can’t believe I haven’t posted since last Wednesday – that never happens! I guess we’ve just been really busy. I’ve been teaching a couple of days each week, mainly to keep my retirement fund going (haha). I have plenty of material to share with you. We’ve been to a few REALLY great state parks that I can’t wait to share with you!

I hope you guys are having a good week. We’re spending the majority of our time preparing for our Thanksgiving trip. We leave Sunday. Woo-hoo! My favorite time of the year! 

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