Explore the 47: Sadlers Creek State Park

IMG_2026The trees are so beautiful this time of year. This was my favorite road in the park. I probably drove three miles per hour to the fishing pier because I didn’t want it to end.


IMG_2029Preston brought his skateboard to ride on the sidewalks. At Sadlers Creek, there are paved walkways everywhere. In addition to skaters (and I use that term loosely) it’s a great park for those who may need wheelchairs or walkers to get around. This park was very accessible to those with physical limitations. You guys know what I mean – a lot of places claim to be “handicap accessible,” but that typically means there’s one over-sized bathroom stall with a handrail. (Sadlers Creek has that too!)




IMG_2038Once again, here’s a paved trail through the woods. Can you tell I’m impressed? This trail is a half mile long and dumps you out at a playground and a pavilion, suitable for large family gatherings or corporate events.

IMG_2043The leaves are bigger than your head at Sadlers Creek!


IMG_2046Warning: Your kids might actually get along, so it’s a MAGIC park! 


IMG_2050Fun fact: How old were you when you learned that Lake Hartwell was named after Nancy Hart, a heroine of the Revolutionary War?! I was today-years-old! 

IMG_2055This will be the first and last time you see a picture of a bathroom on my blog, but it was well worth mentioning. Sadlers Creek has THE CLEANEST bathrooms we’ve found so far on our journey. Parents, (or anyone, really), you might want to make a note of that!

I had never heard of Sadlers Creek before we went. We can’t wait to go back!

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