Baseball, the Beach + the Best Days of Your Life


IMG_2402Preston and Papa spent a few hours throwing the baseball on the beach yesterday. The weather has been absolutely perfect so far and I am being 100% lazy.










IMG_2437(This photo was not staged, but I am thankful I captured the one and only moment this week Preston was actually still.)

As I was loading these pictures, I was reminded of everything I have to be thankful for. My family is 50 Shades of Dysfunctional, but they make my life rich. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite time of year. Growing up, we camped in our RV and I have the fondest memories of all of us playing football on the beach or in the large field at Stone Mountain.

When Preston is grown, I hope he looks back on this day and recognizes that these are the best days of his life.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

*No one was harmed in the making of this blog. However, Jack has no idea I took so many photos of him so, once he sees this, he may hurt me*

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