Everyday Andrea|Christmas Eve

As you can see, I didn’t get a State Park post published. Our house is in TOTAL disarray. Have I mentioned our Christmas tree? Only half of it is left – the babes kept trying to eat the bottom half, so now only the top is left. The lights will probably be coming off today since we woke up to the pups pulling them across the floor. They must be trying to do their part in the “clean up” early!

We had our first extended family Christmas meal Thursday night. It was over the top fabulous. All the traditional foods and sweet fellowship. The perfect way to kick off the holiday.  Friday night we all celebrated with my dad’s family. A rowdy Chinese auction with seventeen people was almost as good as the dishes everyone brought. Today we are celebrating with mom’s side of the family.

It’ll be a full day. A busy day. The house will be full of children, noise (because of the children) and lots of food. Tonight we’ll come home and crash. We’ll lay around the living room and watch every Hallmark movie that comes on, even if we’ve seen it four (or five) times. The boys will be excited to get to bed so they can wake up and open gifts in the morning. The adults will be less excited, but will enjoy seeing the joy on their faces.


IMG_3224I put the following picture on Instagram Saturday with the caption, “Seeing is believing. But sometimes the most important things in life are things we can’t see.” 

IMG_3214(Ignore the black part – I’m not sure where that’s coming from)




DSC02008I’m typing this from my living room. Preston’s beside me eating bologna, dad is reading Gamecock Central on his phone and JP is sound asleep.

I’ve said it one million times – we are far from ideal. We love one another, but none of us really want to live together. We wish our circumstances were different. However, if you ask me what I want for Christmas this year, it would be THIS. To be sitting in a house, no, a home full of love, grace, and (most days) a lot of laughter.

I am surrounded by the best gifts life has to offer. 

This week, I’m going to put my phone down and play board games with the kids. I’m going to watch movies and walk around the neighborhood with the dogs. I’m going to be present. I encourage you to do the same.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I’ll be back Monday! 

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