Restful Ln.|Highland Lake Inn & Resort

DSC02618I spent last weekend in the mountains with a friend. Appropriately enough, this was the name of the road I turned on to get to the resort.

DSC02622The entire weekend was just that – Restful. I even unplugged from social media, which I never get to do these days.

DSC02581We were able to enjoy the sunshine Saturday, but the temperature was CHILLY.




DSC02654I was looking forward to this weekend for more than one reason. Since Sampson and Charlie’s arrival, I’ve not had an uninterrupted night of sleep and I wake up at five every morning. (#firstworldprobs, I know!) But I’m TIRED. Sleeping in sounded like a dream.

DSC02649This was our little cabin in the woods. So quaint and cozy.


DSC02635We spent Saturday afternoon at Sierra Nevada in Asheville.

DSC02632I am not a beer drinker, so it cost me exactly $0 to warm my feet by the fire!

For dinner we ate at the Flat Rock Wood Room. I’ll let these pictures do the talking while I sit here and drool all over again.


IMG_4423(This was a BBQ Brisket Calzone. YUMMMMMM)



IMG_4433I obviously didn’t document everything we did. These were just a few of the highlights – and by highlights, I mainly mean food. 

I hope all of you are having a great week so far. I’m sitting here in the recliner after being on the road ALL DAY LONG and can’t decide if I’m actually going to change clothes and head to bed for the night, or slip into a coma right here. Either way, I’m checking out SOON!


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