Too Cool for School|President’s Day

The kids were out of school Monday. THANKFULLY, the rain held off so they could play outside. And by thankfully I mean, ‘praise the Lord!’  Being stuck in the house all day alongside an imagination as massive as Preston’s is not an easy task!

IMG_4612(Take note of the snow boots!)

DSC02797Lucky for us, my aunt was keeping Lindi and Deacon. It was a great opportunity for the cousins to hang out all day.

DSC02819If I could bottle up even an ounce of their energy…

I sprung an impromptu photo shoot on them and, as it turns out, these kids work HARD for M&M’s!














DSC02800(My favorite!)

DSC02798I have to tell you a funny story. Actually, it’s probably more pitiful than funny. You guys already know what an Award-Winning Mom I am, so this should come as no surprise…

After we finished up this shoot, I went inside to show the pictures to mom and my aunt. Over and over I kept saying, “I just hate that Teagan and Ava (my other cousin’s kids) aren’t here for this! I’m hesitant to frame photos without Teagan and Ava – it really should have all the cousins in it!”  

My aunt replied, “True, but JP’s not in it either. Maybe you’d like to add your son?” 



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