Coast Bar & Grill|Charleston, SC

DSC02853Hutson Alley draws me like a magnet. An early dinner was the perfect ending to a perfect day.




DSC02980Coast mixes a little white rum, lime juice and mint to serve up an Award Winning Mojito.



DSC02986We had to try the Shrimp & Crab Pasta. Shellfish +Penne Pasta = Scrumptious!

DSC02985Shrimp is not only paired with pasta, but swims in stoneground grits too. A real Southern staple. Do you guys see the pattern? It’s almost impossible for me to order anything else if  Shrimp & Grits is on the menu – I’m obsessed. 

DSC02987Crispy Fried Whole Flounder. Whole being the operative word here. This fish could have swam right off the plate! My friend, Debbie, wasn’t sure she could handle this on her own. Don’t tell her I told you, but she did just fine! 

IMG_4751Savory Grilled Monterrey Chicken abreast potatoes that could have been an entree on their own.

DSC02999As you can see, ordering dessert wasn’t even an option. By this point, we’d eaten an insane about of food and were beyond stuffed.

DSC02991Fine. You caught us. We ordered dessert. What’s the harm in ordering one (or three) tiny (huge) desserts?

IMG_4761The Coconut Blondie Sundae could have been shared by two tables, not two people! We handled this just fine too, btw.  


IMG_4759Double Chocolate Biscoff Cookie Caramel Sauce Cheesecake! With chocolate, cookie and caramel in the name, you can’t go wrong. If you were to force me to choose a favorite, this would be it. Without question. 

DSC02994Coast Lime Pie was something to write home about! (Mom and Lynne’s favorite)

A coastal atmosphere, flawless service and splendid food all combined to deliver an extraordinary dining experience.


Thank you, again, Holy City Hospitality for being such heavenly hosts! 

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