39 Rue De Jean|Charleston, SC

DSC02936We’re back in Greenville after a wonderful couple of days in the Holy City. The weather could not have been more perfect. Sunny and (around) sixty five!


DSC02850Of course, we made our way back to our favorite alley downtown.




DSC02859This weeks’ visit took us to lunch at 39 Rue De Jean. 

DSC02857Such a quaint space in the alley. Before we even got around to the menu, we fell in love with the atmosphere.


DSC02892It’s easy to imagine being at a sidewalk cafe in Paris when you savor your meal on the patio.








DSC02875Holy Hospitality, Batman! (Seriously. Thank you, Holy City Hospitality)


DSC02869It was so hard to choose just one dish!!




DSC02883We began with a half Charcuterie that included duck, salami, rabbit, and salmon. In a word – Fabuleux (translation – WOW!).

DSC02888Some say presentation is everything, and this looked elegant.  My tastebuds thanked me for ordering clam chowder.


IMG_4732Grand portions at petit prices!

Lunch was not just a meal – but an event.  Next time you stroll down Hutson Alley, do yourself a tremendous favor and stop in 39 Rue de Jean.

Bon Appetit!






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