Bone-In Barbecue|Columbia, SC

DSC03049The last post I want to share with you from the weekend in Columbia is our visit to Bone -In Barbecue. Take a screenshot, guys, ’cause you’re gonna want to remember it. 


DSC03050I hope my friends at Mardi Gras will forgive me for saying that this meal was the highlight of the trip for me. Not only because of the food (which was amazing, but we’ll get to that in a minute) but because the atmosphere and the staff were extraordinary.

Allow me to add – our waitress had no idea we were there as writers, she was just THAT good. She went over and above the call of duty describing our entrees and sharing a plethora of information about the historic surroundings. (The history of the building is an entirely separate post you’ll have to wait for – so exciting!) She was patient with our questions and didn’t give me the side-eye when I asked to move the food to different locations to take photos in better light.


DSC03094Bone-In Barbecue is a perfect restaurant for families. The little ones can play on the patio while the adults enjoy their meal. DSC03052Two All-American icons in one location —– Baseball and BBQ. DSC03097The atmosphere is almost as great as the food. DSC03060

DSC03065Avid baseball fans can dine adjacent to the field where the Fireflies play.DSC03058

DSC03081Okay, the food…

DSC03054Saturday Brunch is served from 10:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and features a special Saturday Morning Cartoon Plate. I was sorta bummed the kids weren’t with us – I can only imagine how cute the kids’ meal is! Then again, it was a nice break not having them with us, so forget I said that.DSC03068We began our glutenous journey with the Pastry Basket. Monica, our waitress, had to recite the contents three times before we could digest it all.

DSC03067Give me a minute to think about how I want to describe this…

DSC03074This Appetizer was a work of art, including Challah Bread, green onion biscuits, cheddar biscuits, cinnamon rolls, mixed berry muffins, brown sugar honey muffins, mixed berry jam and lavender compote butter. Go ahead and read that a second time. I’ll wait… DSC03078Chicken and waffle club was a mountain of food. Beer battered fried chicken and bacon on a lemon waffle served with slaw and fried brussels (call in the preacher ’cause I’m about to tie the knot with these fried brussels!).

DSC03077If portions and prices were described in T-shirt terms, the portions would be a size 3X and the prices would be Medium. That’s a terrific combo, is you ask me.DSC03085Brisket Hash was a Brunch Specialty. And special is the perfect adjective to describe this delectable dish.DSC03083Shredded brisket, fried potatoes, sweet peppers, caramelized onions, fried brussels and deviled egg sauce all mixed together was heaven on a plate.

Bone-In Barbecue is part of the Bull Street District. Surrounded by the baseball stadium and buildings rich in history, this restaurant serves up so much more than fabulous food!

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