Motor Supply Co Bistro|Columbia, SC

IMG_5813Located in the middle of downtown, Motor Supply Company Bistro was once an auto parts store.

9079EA02-9550-47F7-9341-5F4A45F2CC39It took discipline to concentrate on the menu. I was too busy checking out my surroundings. An enclosed porch with its’ brick walls and floor was an ideal setting for a leisurely lunch. Big windows, when closed, protect guests from the elements. On perfect days, raised windows add to the atmosphere.

DSC04598A well stocked bar welcomes visitors with an array of favorites.

920C9390-F537-400F-8997-8CFA1D6F7487The Creamy Asparagus Soup was a delicious way to start the mealIt reminded me of when I was a little girl and used to eat green pea soup with my mom. Except it didn’t taste like green pea soup. And we weren’t in the living room watching All My Children. (Why was I allowed to watch that as a child? Maybe that’s a post for another day!) 

DSC04592I’m somewhat of a (self-proclaimed) Shrimp & Grits connoisseur. I was very impressed with this dish. It tasted even better than it looked and the portion was perfect.


DSC04590Tasty vegetables and potatoes complimented the pork loin. Not only was the pork delicious, but I literally cut it with a butter knife. While this was not my entree, my fork made its’ way across the table more than once. I’ll be ordering this our next go ’round. 

C59F8899-8168-4728-A52D-A2D39401A6B3At dinner, there’s a separate dessert menu. During lunch, the wait staff lets you know what desserts are available that day. Our waitress had me at Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar. It comes with TWO! They knew that one would not be enough.

DSC04597Maybe you’re not a chocoholic (I’m not either, but I know people who are). In that case, the Creme Brulee has your name written all over it. I may have eaten part of this too. Don’t judge me. 

Motor Supply Company Bistro offers guests fabulous food in a cozy, unique atmosphere. Inside and outside dining areas can accommodate large parties and would be perfect for graduation celebrations and other family get-togethers (as we say in the South).

Thank you for your hospitality. We can’t wait to return! 


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