Inn at USC Becomes Graduate Columbia


DSC04603How do you improve on perfection?  “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Recently we were able to check out the “Inns” and outs (see what I did there?) of renovations to our favorite Inn (see the original posts on the Inn at USC here and here) as it is transformed into Graduate Columbia.

This metamorphosis is set to be completed in August 2019. Last week, we had the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the new design.

DSC04606Until recently, I was not familiar with Graduate Hotels. Currently, there are eighteen locations, each designed specifically to embody the town and University’s unique personality.

DSC04605 A HUGE ‘thank you’ to Leanna and her team for the southern hospitality!

DSC04608Being a Gamecock fan, there is no place I’d rather be when in Columbia. BTW, we ran into Steve Spurrier in the hallway and mom acted like a TOTAL fan girl. I was a little (a lot) embarrassed! 

798D5583-93A1-4DBB-91D5-BF8B9E3BFB74We are all students is the mottoThe key card will be a replica of a student ID card. I love that! 

DSC04610The headboard is a gamecock. Come on! Even my Clemson friends have to appreciate the genius decor.


DSC04614The colors made me feel like I was standing inside a freshman dorm room.

0B79991A-43F0-4AC2-AECB-711230AF9834Say hello to S. Carolina alum, Darius Rucker (top photo). You’ll find him on the wall in every room. Maybe we can arrange for Darius to stand in the rooms and sing to us? I don’t know. It’s just an idea. 

DSC04612Another favorite feature – a mini Cockaboose lamp!

DSC04613If you attended S. Carolina, you know about Chicken Fingers Wednesday.  Every food venue on campus serves chicken fingers on Wednesdays. This picture depicts that tradition. I also love the yellow wallpaper.

Some of the rooms will be pet friendly (insert praise hands) and they’ll be partnering with Bark Box for visitors who are accompanied by furry family members. I’m assuming this is not an invitation for me to roll up on the premises with Sampson and Charlie (my almost full grown German Shepherd siblings). Can you even imagine?! 

By no means is this a full preview of the changes to come. Stay tuned for more this summer!

Thanks again to Leanna for sharing the exciting updates – we can’t wait to come back!


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