Taste of Perfection|Hutson Alley

Last week, we attended Taste of Hutson Alley. This is a twice a year gathering to showcase the culinary expertise and delectable delights of some of Charleston’s most sought after chefs.


If you’ve visited Charleston more than once, you must be familiar with this spot. It’s our go-to in the low country for the best food and atmosphere.


Not a surprise this event was a sell-out. With the restaurants on Hutson Alley showing off and showing out, everyone wanted to get in on the food and drink extravaganza!


When 39 Rue De Jean, The Victor Social Club, Michael’s on the Alley, Vincent Chiccos Restaurant, Coast, and Virginia’s on King showcase fabulous food, the only way to begin is with champagne!



The Alley never looked (or smelled) so good! Even the weather got on board and delivered the perfect evening.



It’s been said that presentation is everything. I beg to differ. This Shrimp Ceviche with Avocado Mousse, tasted even better than it looked. Well done Coast!!


Hutson Alley was alive with the sound of music!



I am glad they featured the creamy Shrimp & Grits from Virginia’s. I’ve seen it on their menu many times, but I’m typically not a fan of cream sauce. Apparently, I don’t know me very well because I could have eaten a second (and third) bowl.


Vincent Chiccos delighted taste buds with their Buffalo Mozzarella Ravioli.



 39 Rue De Jean delivered Cupcake Sushi Rolls. Take a second look at this presentation!


This second-hand smoke is not the kind that’ll kill ya. I’m not sure how I’ve lived this long without the Prime Rib Sliders from Michaels on the Alley. Sharing the table with the sliders was The Victor Social Club’s Mexican Street Corn Dogs (not available for photographs. Or maybe I ate mine too fast).


Good Food Catering rounded out the evening with mini desserts. Pecan pies, key lime and chocolate tartlets and carrot bites were served in The Victor Social Club where guests gathered to enjoy Rum Punch – the signature drink of the night.

This was our first time attending the event but will certainly not be our last. Kudos to Holy City Hospitality for a job well done!

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