Snapshots at Dollywood

img_6020We used our Dollywood passes for the first time this week! It’s always a scary thing when the six of us pack in the car and head anywhere. But we’re a beautiful mess. I didn’t even take my camera. The few photos I’m sharing today were on my phone. It felt SO good to “unplug.” At least a little.

img_6030We were excited to visit the much anticipated Wildwood Grove, the newest section of the park.

img_6035Preston set his sights on the Dragonfly and made a bee-line to the, well, line.

img_6036Short Review of Wildwood Grove: If you have toddlers or children ages five and under, this section is for you. The entire area is geared toward the sippie cup generation. The Dragonfly was a big-ish hit with Preston. “It was really fast, which was good, but it wasn’t long enough,” he said. Basically you wait in line thirty (or more) minutes for (what feels like) a thirty-second ride. It is definitely fast. The twists and turns might tickle your thrill-seeker bone, but if you’re craving a wild adventure, make your way to the Eagle or Fire Chaser. There is a pretty cool (pun intended) water/splash pad section that we can’t wait to try out this summer!img_6024

img_6026Before we arrived, JP was semi-excited to try the Fire Chaser for the first time. He’s not one for roller coasters, so this was a big deal. Less than .4 seconds into the ride, he regretted his decision. I dreaded the end because I knew we were in for a scene. Much like our experience with the Tower of Terror at Disney. Remember? He insisted we speak with a manager because he felt his health had been compromised. *Insert eye roll*

The bad news is, he didn’t speak to us for approximately an hour after we got off the Fire Chaser. The good news is, he didn’t speak to us for approximately an hour. I was supportive and loving while secretly issuing praise for a few moments of glorious peace and quiet.

d9af939b-b80e-4291-90db-e465eee47811He perked up at the bird show.

a2eb97cc-b4b0-447a-9c8d-bfa5567e1086And got downright giddy on the scrambler with Papa – who successfully channeled his inner twenty year old self in his backwards ball cap. JP was mortified, by the way. 

At the end of the day, Dollywood remains one of our favorite Tennessee destinations and we look forward to multiple road trips!

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