Camp Joy|Lake Placid, Florida

Hello from Lake Placid, Florida! My friend and I made the nine and a half (times four) hour drive to Florida Saturday morning to work at Camp Joy. Just to refresh your memory, my friend is the staff nurse and I am the photographer for the week. We were here in March for the first session and you can read more about that trip (and a little about Camp Joy) here.

The drive was not bad at all and we were able to take our time getting here. Camp didn’t officially begin until late Sunday afternoon when the counselors arrived.

My personal camp motto for the week can be summed up with three simple words: IT. IS. HOT. I’m a little worried about my life at this point. If I’m being 100% honest, my favorite time of day is 4pm nap time! We’re staying in a hotel room on the grounds and we keep the air temperature on igloo degrees. It’s the best two hours of my life. #sorrynotsorry

It took me roughly forty-eight seconds to fall in love with the retreat center. The grounds are beautiful. The following photos are from my phone because, well, using my camera would have meant walking to the room to get it. And we all know that wasn’t going to happen.

This is my favorite spot. Well, aside from my igloo. This is the location we chose for the counselor/camper photo shoot. The pictures turned out great. We print them, put ’em in frames, and send them home with everyone on Friday.

I’m sitting here, staring at my curser, trying to think of something profound or interesting to say. But you know what? It’s almost 11pm and I’m tired. I think I’m gonna head to bed now. Tomorrow is Slip ‘n Slide day for the campers. That photo shoot should be fun!

If you have an Instagram account, head over to @campjoyflorida for “behind-the-scenes footage” during the week.

These campers (and counselors) really will make your day brighter.

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