Photo Dump + Life Update

I know I typically don’t post on Mondays, but our posting schedule is going to be a little off this week.

Today I thought I’d post a few photos from my phone and share a very brief life update.




Two weeks ago, mom and I spent a few days at Pawleys. I worked the whole time, but it was nice to have the change in scenery.

I turned forty two and spent the day with my family and a few of my favorite people. I’m blessed.

JP and I moved our “classroom” downtown one of the glorious days the temperature was in the seventies. The fall-like temps didn’t last very long. It currently feels like summer again. That’s South Carolina for ya.

Life Update:

Things have been semi-uneventful lately. Praise God. Having said that, Preston did break his arm. I know! That sounds pretty eventful. He fell off the monkey bars at school. There was no swelling or bruising and he had no trouble moving his fingers. At first, we didn’t even take him to the doctor. He barely complained. After day three of favoring it, we decided to get an X-ray. We only did it because he had a ball game and we were afraid he might really get injured on the off chance something was wrong.

Boy I’m glad we did! He had a buckle break. Thankfully, it should be healed in a couple of weeks. He’s wearing a brace and can even play baseball! The doctor said it’s impossible to hurt it further with the brace on.

I had the honor of leading worship alongside two musical geniuses yesterday. These guys (my pastor, Mike, and friend, Chris) and their guitars — UH-mazing. I’m over here keeping my fingers crossed this happens more often. I could listen to them play all day.

Alright. That’s all for today. Thanks for letting me ramble.

Happy Monday!


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