It Is Finished

Hello and Happy (almost) New Year! Those of you who rolled your eyes at us for not putting up Christmas decorations are probably wishing you were in our shoes right about now! The stress of taking down and cleaning up all the tinsel and holly – nope!

I hope you guys had an amazing Christmas! This year was my favorite. (Even without the tree!) We enjoyed Christmas Eve brunch with mom’s side of the family.

Hello sunny and sixty five. The kids played in the backyard the whole time. Not that you can ever go wrong with breakfast food, but I loved every minute of our time together.

We did absolutely nothing on Christmas Day. JP was home the whole time so I was in heaven. We watched Christmas movies, stayed in our pajamas and cleaned. JP worked on his box of science experiments. Thanks Bubba and Natalie!

We spent the entire day after Christmas with my dad’s family. Another success. Well, except for the “Gingerbread houses” we attempted to put together. Those are a joke, btw. If you’ve successfully put one together without super glue, please text me. I want to hear from you.

The newest Cothran celebrated his first Christmas. Jackson Douglas joined our ranks on October 1. Jack held little Jack for the first time! Be still my heart.

Like I said, I’ve not enjoyed Christmas this much in a long time.

I’m not crazy enough to make resolutions this New Year, but I do know I want more of this. More family. More memories. More quality time with the people I love.

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