Timberdoodle Review: Art by Number Mosaics

We’re back on the blogging scene with our first Timberdoodle Homeschool curriculum review!

I struggle coming up with Art activities for JP. If given the choice, he will choose science/computer/technology/math every time.

I was so excited when the Timberdoodle box arrived on our doorstep! Please let JP love this, I thought to myself as I tore open the package.

The Art by Number Mosaics came two to a box. This one had a tiger and a gorilla.

JP chose the tiger first (don’t get excited, Clemson fans, he just liked the colors!)

The kit is simple to use. I’ll admit I was a little worried. I have zero artistic ability and I’m not all that great at following complicated directions. The booklet shows you exactly what to do. The whole lesson is self-explanatory. Aka, perfect for the instructionally-challenged mom.

The Mosaics are part of the 4th grade curriculum kit with Timberdoodle. This activity would be appropriate for any grade level. Some of the pieces are really small, so obviously you wouldn’t use it for pre-school age children.

I took things one step further to include a history lesson. I had JP research the history of mosaics – where they originated, the meaning behind them, etc. There was more information than we could cover in one day. Needless to say, this box held more than a simple art project. 

JP’s (exact) words were, “If you’re going to force me to do art, I give this two thumbs up.” 

And that’s high praise, guys!

Thanks, Timberdoodle, for partnering with me on this post. All opinions are my own (well, and JP’s). 

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