The Marriage Lie

Contrary to what you might be thinking, The Marriage Lie is the name of a book I’m reading.  I could have written this book!

A friend passed this one to me about a year ago. I’m just getting around to reading it. What a page turner.  I’m on page fifty- one and my heart has not stopped racing.

Today’s post is sort of an introduction to, what I think might turn into, a series of posts as I read through this story.

Would that be okay?

What I know so far:

Iris and Will have been married for seven years. She’s a school psychologist and I’m not quite sure what he does – something in the professional business world. Their relationship appears to be perfect.

 No relationship is perfect.

Will leaves one morning for a business conference in Orlando. Iris leaves for work.  She gets to school and hears there’s been a plane crash with no survivors. She panics for a moment before learning it wasn’t Will’s plane.

Or was it? 

The author’s words grabbed me from the first page. Having said that, the scenario is also a little unsettling for me. I’ve not written much about my marriage (or ex-marriage,  I should say). In fact, I don’t even really talk about it. It’s such a distant memory.

My husband didn’t die in a plane crash, but I did wake up one morning to realize that our entire relationship had been a lie. Iris’ emotions are familiar to me.

My goal is to read more for pleasure, so I’m hoping it will not take long to read this one. I’d like to share my thoughts with you along the way.

Hang with me for the rest of this story. I’m thinking I may have a lot to share.

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